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I am uniquely positioned to help you improve the services you deliver.

I'm a healthcare provider. I'm an educator. I have experience in medical settings and out in the community. Regardless of social sector or setting, I am passionate about empowering people with trauma-informed approaches to service provision.


Consulting & Coaching

Want to join the Trauma-Informed Care revolution?


I have experience helping organizations make this shift, which can increase customer satisfaction, facilitate customer-centered care, and reduce the risk of compassion fatigue and burnout in your staff.


A typical project might include: 

  • Needs assessment

  • Observation

  • Training

  • Coaching

Lectures & Workshops

I have been lecturing and leading workshops about the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to a wide range of audiences for 7 years. I start by getting to know my audience and keep them engaged through using interactive tools.


Some of my favorite topics include: 

  • ACEs and TIC (Trauma-Informed Care)

  • Let's Go Deeper: Brain States, Survival Patterns, and the Power of Shame

  • Vicarious Trauma and the Importance of Self-Care

  • Communication: Emotional Intelligence Through the Neuroscience Lens

  • How to Heal by Listening to Your Body



 I've been working with pastors at wellness conferences for 10 years, helping them reframe their idea of health and well-being by learning to listen to their bodies. Through plenary sessions, workshops and one-on-one consultations, it is a joy every time one of the participants learns to drop the shame and embrace the sacredness of who God created them to be. Let me facilitate a healing workshop, retreat or conference for your community.



With my diverse experience and empathetic approach, I am able to apply my expertise to meet the unique needs of your organization. In our free consultation, I encourage you to bring an open mind and heart to a conversation about how to make your community a more healing and resilient one. 


I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Rebecca on several training and coaching projects through the Health Federation of Philadelphia. I am always impressed with Rebecca's caring and inclusive approach to training and consultation and her ability to weave scholarly theory into conversational exchange. She brings commitment, passion, and a strong desire to promote change to all the audiences and communities she touches. I highly recommend Rebecca for your training and consultation needs. 

-- Monica Sullivan, Director of Professional Development, Health Federation of Philadelphia


"I want to thank you for leading such an engaging, informative, and fun session...we were impressed by the balance struck between creating space for self-reflection, facilitating group activities, and educating on valuable concepts relating to stress, self-care, and resilience."

- Julia Lake, Pennsylvania College Advising Corps

"This particular Topic really resonated with me. I so appreciate that you presented the material in a way that felt truly positive while recognizing the depth of what We've been experiencing. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you very much!"

"This was an amazing presentation and really made me think about my current mental health, resilience practices, and daily practices that can reduce my feelings of burnout."

This presentation was excellent even as a seasoned practitioner for 3 decades. The theory is very well articulated with helpful handouts. What was exceptional though was the inquiry and exploration questions from the presenter. She was keen and kind and able to hone in compassionately to all of us making for a healing journey. I can't thank her enough for her supportive ways."


I offer my services on a sliding-scale basis. As these services are custom-designed for your organization's needs, I offer a free consultation which will be followed up with a pricing quote.


I highly value transparency and authenticity when determining pricing, and I look forward to starting a conversation with you. 

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