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About Me

I have 35 years of experience in nursing, first in hospital settings, then as a primary care nurse practitioner, then in the community and now advancing population health. I have witnessed first hand how your lived experience becomes your biology, shaping health, well-being and social consequence across the lifespan. Because of this:  


I make connections.

I build bridges. I am skilled at making connections between seemingly disparate facts, ideas, and experiences by discerning the common ground. Like seeing the links between attachment style, behavior, and chronic disease. Or exposure to childhood adversity and success at work. My core value is that we are all connected, and this is my touchstone, the source of my passion to share the knowledge that increases empathy and compassion for one another.


I am an intuitive problem-solver.

I will customize my consulting service to your organization’s needs: I’ve worked with health-care providers, teachers, and faith leaders, and am committed to finding cross-sector, trauma-informed solutions to whatever the challenges faced. We are so much more than our trauma…and understanding the effects of trauma can help us to see past it – and through it.


I am a facilitator and trainer

I love to engage others in conversation about how our childhood experiences shape our lives, and how naming that can be the first step towards a healthier life and more authentic relationships at work and at home. My speaking style is energizing and interactive, with lots of opportunities to immediately apply the new knowledge I am privileged to share with you. 


And I am a person of faith

I am one whom God has reached through Christian practice and am open and valuing of any faith practice that leads to connection and love. I experience God as a loving relationship for ourselves and others, quietly seeking the spark of the divine in everyone I meet. My faith has taught me that it is our bodies that will show us the way to wholeness and healing if we can learn to listen, respect and respond to what our bodies tell us. 


Published Journal Articles


Founder and Former Director of the UrbanPromise Wellness Center

Camden, NJ

20 years as a Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care

Cherry Hill, NJ

Adjunct Professor in the Schools of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and

Rutgers University-Camden

CREDO Health Faculty

Presbyterian Church, USA

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