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Rebecca Bryan, DNP

I am uniquely positioned to deliver high-level, professional training thanks to my years of experiences in medical settings, schools, and in the community; my experience as an adult educator in diverse settings; and my passion for raising awareness about trauma-informed care across social sectors. I am skilled at translating and interpreting rapidly evolving research into understandable, immediately applicable knowledge for you to use.


  • Certified in trauma-informed approaches to service


  • Engaging, interactive communication style


  • Big picture thinking customized to your individual needs

Understanding the Neuroscience of Your Stress Response
Behavioral Health Training and Education Network, 
March 2022
Adverse Childhood Experiences: How Can They Disguise Themselves as Disabilities?
Developmental and Behavioral Health for the Pediatric Patient: A Focus on Autism Keynote Speaker
September, 2021


Recent Gigs

Facilitator for Virtual Schwartz Rounds
New Jersey Nursing Initiative
The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare

Blog Posts

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